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Why I still don't love my iPad and why the iPad 2 won't help

March 4, 2011: 2:46 PM ET

Thinner, faster, blah, blah, blah – and oh, that'll be $500 more, please. I'm doing more with my iPad, but neither it nor the new one is yet the revolution Steve Jobs is promising.

By Leigh Gallagher, Assistant Managing Editor

iPad 2: Not solving many problems

iPad 2: Not solving many problems

Two ounces? The iPad 2 was launched this week with much fanfare and subtle but snazzy upgrades: it's thinner, it's faster, there are front and rear cameras, and we will be able to get it in white. But to me—and granted, I am not a tech product expert, nor have I held it in my own hands—what stood out was the shedding of only two ounces, especially since the original iPad's weight issues were among critics' chief complaints.

Okay, this critic. But still. 3.2 ounces is 13% of its weight. I guess if I lost 13% of my weight it would be pretty significant. But 1.3 pounds down from 1.5 pounds just doesn't sound like much.

Then again, I've been in the minority about the iPad since I wrote about my early indifference to my new acquisition last fall. The story hit a nerve, prompting a surge of comments from the vox populi. Readers ranged from the incensed ("Apple hater!") to the vindictive ("Your an idiot") to the all-knowing ("Ur doin it wrong"). Some agreed with me; one romantic compared buying an iPad to falling in love with Eva Peron ("beautiful, alluring, yes, but high maintenance.") One person feared for my life ("Man…. good article but you live in a dangerous time…You will be attacked by blinded investors… some advice, look behind to see who is walking behind you… when you go to sleep at night, keep all the lights on in and out of the house." ) And of course there was at least one opportunist who picked up on my issues with touch screen typing: "Leigh, I have a keyboard dock I don't need. Email me and I'll let it go cheap."

But perhaps the most spot-on observer simply told me to "stop complaining that your Corolla won't cut the grass. It wasn't designed to be a lawnmower!"

Reader, you have a point. More

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