Techmate: Google's vision of an open Web

May 20, 2010: 5:40 PM ET

From the Google (GOOG)  i/o conference in San Francisco, Michael and Jon analyze Google's plans for a new video standard and whether bringing the internet to TV's is such a good idea.

  • Google introduces new Web video standard, splits industry

    Google today announced the release of VP8, a new video codec that it envisions will pave the way for the future of video on the Web.

    While it wasn't mentioned once during the keynote, VP8 takes dead aim at MPEG LA's H.264 codec, which has the backing of industry heavyweights like Apple and Microsoft (who are both members of MPEG LA).

    VP8 technology stems from Google's purchase of On2 Technologies last year.  MORE

    - May 19, 2010 3:03 PM ET
  • 26% of Web video is now iPad-ready

    Up from 10% four months ago, according to a new survey

    How's Steve Jobs' campaign against Adobe (ADBE) Flash progressing? The bar chart at right offers one measure.

    It comes from Mefeedia, a media search website that indexes video from a wide variety of sources -- from CBS and ABC to YouTube and Hulu, some 30,000 sources in all.

    From time to time Mefeedia analyzes its index to look for trends. One of MORE

    - May 13, 2010 5:42 PM ET
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  • Apple vs. Adobe: Is Flash dying?

    The stats seem to support Steve Jobs' contention that Adobe's video format is fading fast

    In the Thoughts on Flash essay that Steve Jobs posted last week, Apple's CEO took on Adobe's oft-repeated contention that Apple's (AAPL) mobile products -- the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch -- don't offer access to the "full Web" because they don't support Adobe's Flash format. 75% of the video on the Web, Adobe's supporters point MORE

    - May 2, 2010 6:28 AM ET
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