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What iPad's guided tours don't tell you

March 30, 2010: 9:13 AM ET

Apple's online videos work hard to sell its new tablet computer -- too hard

For those who haven't put their hands on an iPad, the 11 guided tours Apple (AAPL) posted on its website Monday may be the next best thing to using one.

The videos, which range from a minute 20 seconds to just over four minutes, are as slick and colorful as any Apple television ad, and they do a great job of selling the device.

But they are also peppered with the kind of hype and hyperbole that sets critics' teeth on edge. In some cases, their claims step dangerously close to the line.

The one that bothered us the most is the description of the onscreen keyboard in the Mail app tour:

"It's nearly the same size as a notebook keyboard, so it's effortless to type on ... With this keyboard at your fingertips, typing is easy and incredibly fast."

We've tried the iPad's onscreen keyboard. Using it is neither easy, effortless nor incredibly fast.

Below: Some of the other sins of commission or omission that struck us. You can add your own. More

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