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Google Wave creator defects to Facebook

November 1, 2010: 5:56 AM ET

Just two months after Google's cancellation of his Wave product, Lars Rasmussen is bolting to Facebook.

Rasmussen at Google I/O via CNET

In an interview given to the Sydney Morning Herald, Lars Rasmussen acknowledged previous rumors that he'd quit Google (GOOG), and, after a compelling personal pitch from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, would be joining Facebook (after the requisite month on the beach).

Rasmussen joined Google in 2004 after the company he founded with his brother, Where 2 Technologies, was picked up by Google to become Google Maps.

He then worked on what would become Google Wave. Wave was a new take on messaging and collaboration that was introduced to initial acclaim at Google I/O in 2009... More

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    Google has killed the Wave product that was introduced in May of 2009 as a combination collaboration and communications service..

    Announced on the Official Google Blog today, Google (GOOG) killed what many considered to be the next wave of Internet communications.

    My first take on Wave was that it was the "spork" of communications services, perhaps combining things that were usually better left least easier to understand when they were seperate.  That's MORE

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    With ownership of the SMB market, is Citrix Online a threat to Cisco?

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    As tech MORE

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