Google Voice

iPhone users: Should you stop at Google on your way to Verizon?

February 3, 2011: 3:08 PM ET

Switching carriers is the most opportune time to consider Google Voice.  Is it right for you and if so, how do you do it?

You've waited three years to move your iPhone from AT&T(T) to Verizon(VZ) for whatever reason.  But perhaps instead of heading directly to Verizon, should you free yourself from the carrier lock-in altogether and add a lot of functionality and freedom for a small price?  You might even save yourself some time at Verizon dealing with the number porting.  Starting fresh is so much easier.  Here's a short video on what will be happening if you choose to port your number to Google Voice first:

Google (GOOG) Voice requires a one time fee of $20 to port your number.  If your carrier/plan require and Early Termination Fee (ETF), you'll need to add that in as well.  But you were already leaving, right?  If you can handle those fees, Google Voice offers many benefits: More

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