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Vint Cerf comments on Google's Net Neutrality proposal

August 10, 2010: 5:02 PM ET

'The Father of the Internet" and Google Internet Evangelist has been an outspoken proponent of Net Neutrality in the past.

Update: Cerf has expanded his opinion in an interview here.

Vint Cerf is often called the "Father of the Internet" because of his groudbreaking work on the TCP/IP protocol and his founding and becoming the chairman of  ICANN.  Cerf now works at Google as a VP and Chief Internet Evangelist.

In 2005, Google posted a newly-hired Cerf's opposition to the anti-Net Neutrality legislation that was being debated in Congress. (he couldn't testify  because he was busy being honored by the President for his role in creating the Internet). He said:

Enshrining a rule that broadly permits network operators to discriminate in favor of certain kinds of services and to potentially interfere with others would place broadband operators in control of online activity. Allowing broadband providers to segment their IP offerings and reserve huge amounts of bandwidth for their own services will not give consumers the broadband Internet our country and economy need. Many people will have little or no choice among broadband operators for the foreseeable future, implying that such operators will have the power to exercise a great deal of control over any applications placed on the network.

As we move to a broadband environment and eliminate century-old non-discrimination requirements, a lightweight but enforceable neutrality rule is needed to ensure that the Internet continues to thrive. Telephone companies cannot tell consumers who they can call; network operators should not dictate what people can do online.

Today he laid out his feelings on the compromise that Google (GOOG) has struck with Verizon(VZ).  In an email he wrote:


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