Google TV

  • Google TV? No thanks

    Consumers don't want the web on TV – they want a better TV experience

    As you might have seen last week, my Techmate sparring partner Michael and I got into it a bit about Google TV. He liked the idea, I didn't.

    I still don't.

    At the time when we shot our video segment on the subject (see below), I had heard rumors about the announcement, and the details weren't  yet clear – MORE

    - May 24, 2010 2:10 PM ET
  • Video: Google's anti-Steve Jobs

    In his Google I/O keynote, Vic Gundotra threw down the gauntlet. How will Apple respond?

    Thursday may be remembered as the day Google (GOOG) leapfrogged Apple (AAPL), introducing a slew of new products -- an ad platform, a music market, Google TV -- and reporting that in 18 months Android has overtaken the iPhone OS in everything from U.S. smartphone sales to mobile Web searches.

    But the most direct challenge came in MORE

    - May 21, 2010 8:11 AM ET
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