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Google starts a search trends Vlog

August 28, 2010: 12:35 PM ET

The Google Beat brings you news from the world of search trends in a format a little more entertaining than a series of graphs.

Did you want to catch up with the latest Google Trends in a format that appeals to web video savvy audience?  Great news. Google has started a Vlog called The Google Beat which will broadcast unique search trends for the week.

Using data from Google TrendsGoogle Insights for Search and some additional tools, the Google Beat will give you a snapshot of some of the topics that prompted people to turn to the web over the past week. You've probably seen our previous deep dives into Google search trends, like our annual year-end Zeitgeist and posts here about search trends related to events like the World Cup, the Oscars® and beyond. Searches can be unexpected, and sometimes what's popular one week could never have been predicted the week before (think of Falcon Heene, last October's "balloon boy" or Steven Slater). We're looking forward to seeing what our data will reveal.

The idea is to get people more interested in search trends which are certainly more digestible when read by a perky Googler.  If you are into it, you can subscribe here on YouTube.

The first video is, of course, embedded below:


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