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Apple's Siri went to a C+ from C, Google Now to a C+ from D-

December 10, 2013: 11:39 AM ET

In Piper Jaffray's test of 800 voice queries, Google Now gets the award for most improved.

Source: Piper Jaffray. Click to enlarge.

Source: Piper Jaffray. Click to enlarge.

FORTUNE -- Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster issued a matched pair of report cards Tuesday on the performance of the two leading smartphone intelligent assistants, Google's (GOOG) Google Now and Apple's (AAPL) Siri.

Three takeaways:

  • Google Now has overcome its initial deficit and is now roughly the equivalent of Siri in its ability to interpret spoken queries and answer them correctly.
  • Siri has weaned itself almost entirely from its dependence of Google search, reducing its reliance from 27% of answers in December 2012 to 4% now.
  • Neither service is that great. Siri got C+ from Munster (up from C last December and a D in the summer of 2012). Google Now also got a C+ (up from a D- last December).

Passing grades, but not much more than that.

  • Google's best app now on the iPhone

    The Siri rival from the search giant is available for Apple's iOS devices.

    By Matt Vella, senior editor

    FORTUNE -- Google Now, arguably the search giant's most promising mobile feature, is now available on Apple's iOS platform. An update to the Google Search app for Apple iPhones and iPads includes features found on the company's own Android operating system.

    What's Google Now? Somewhat similar to Siri, the software is a digital personal assistant MORE

    Apr 29, 2013 1:04 PM ET
  • In Piper Jaffray re-test, Siri raises her grade from a D to a C

    In a quiet room, the latest version understood 91% of questions, correctly answered 77%

    FORTUNE -- Siri is a little like the weather. Everybody complains about it, but only Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster seems to do anything.

    In June he put the iOS 5 version of Apple's (AAPL) voice-activated personal assistant to the test -- asking her 1,600 questions, 800 in the streets of Minneapolis and 800 in a quiet room.

    The results MORE

    - Dec 20, 2012 9:05 AM ET
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