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The Google Social: Buys Jambool, shows Circle, stares down Facebook

August 9, 2010: 4:32 PM ET

Google's move into social is starting to stress out Facebook.

Google has bought fake online money company Jambool for ~$70 million in real money (well $15 million of that is in earnouts). Social Gold is a direct competitor with Facebook Credits for social currency that act as payments to developers and game companies.  Just in time, because Google picked up social gaming site Slide last week for $220 million or so.

Google keeps tabs on your Social Circle and uses this information to help give you search results.  Want to know what Google has on you?  Click here. (prepare to be unsettled).

There on the page is everyone you know along with everywhere they go -- or at least the online destinations they've decided to publish, presumably.The list contains people you talk or chat with using Gmail or Google Talk, plus your social networking connections from a wide variety of Google and non-Google services. For each person in your circle, it then shows the services they use, and also their blogs and other streams.

This looks like the very beginnings of the GoogleMe project to me.

Facebook in Battle Mode:
Finally, the word on the street is that Facebook is in 'War Mode' after all of these Google social pickups of late.  Peter Ha says that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought a neon light that says 'Lockdown' for his office door and has his programmers working overtime for the next 60 days making Facebook even better.  The office is open on weekends as the company tries to revamp Photos, Groups, and Events.

My question: What's in two months?


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  • Google buys Slide in rush to social

    The deal is reportedly worth $182 million with more companies on the way.

    Techcrunch is reporting that Google will announce the purchase of social gaming site Slide on Friday.  The deal would add to Google's Social war chest a big name in social gaming.  Google is a big investor in the leader in this space, Zynga.

    The ongoing thought is that Google (GOOG) plans to introduce a Facebook competitor called 'Google Me', MORE

    - Aug 4, 2010 4:29 PM ET
  • More on Google's 'Facebook Killer'

    Although Kevin Rose erased his tweet, another industry insider has come forward with more information on the rumored Google social networking site, Google Me.

    Following up on yesterday's information, Adam D'Angelo, a former Facebook director has published what he's heard on the new Google Me 'Facebook killer':

    This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident about this.
    They realized MORE

    - Jun 29, 2010 11:26 AM ET
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  • A new social network? 'Google Me'

    Over the weekend, a rumor from a connected source said that Google would be starting up a social network to take on Facebook.

    Kevin Rose, Internet personality and Digg social networking founder, tweeted over the weekend that Google has a 'Facebook killer' called Google Me in the works.

    Rose hasn't been terribly accurate and might have other fish to fry (Google Buzz competes with Rose's Digg) but he does have a lot MORE

    - Jun 28, 2010 4:26 PM ET
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