Google Instant

Bing's team answers Google Instant with tricks of their own

September 15, 2010: 9:41 PM ET

Competition has accelerated innovation in the search space, with Bing and Google leapfrogging each other with new technologies.

Google went live last week with Google Instant, changing the search page forever. Microsoft isn't sitting still, however, and they've introduced some pretty interesting innovations of their own.

Microsoft (MSFT) introduced some of those features today in San Francisco at the IE 9 launch event. Conveniently, a lot of Bing's upcoming features rely on HTML5and CSS3, which Microsoft has been late to adopt. IE9 will be the only Microsoft browser to support Bing's new features, though most other browsers have supported this technology for years.

The good news for developers is that Bing's use of HTML5 tools will speed adoption of HTML5-compatible browsers.  IE users have typically lagged behind Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera in adopting these new technologies.


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