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Has Apple been overtaken by a chain of hair salons?

February 12, 2013: 7:03 AM ET

According to Google Finance, Regis Corp. has a market cap twice as big as Apple's

RegisFORTUNE -- I've long since given up on Google (GOOG) as fair arbiter of business news value (see Has Google Finance's news feed got it in for Apple?). I'd assumed, however, that it could be trusted to deliver accurate market data.

But reader Hank Vaccaro points out that according to Google Finance, Apple's (AAPL) $450 billion market cap was eclipsed overnight by the $1.03 trillion valuation the site assigned to Regis Corp. (RGS), the world's largest hair salon chain.

Yahoo Finance puts Regis's market cap at $1.03 billion. That sounds more like it.

  • Has Google Finance's news feed got it in for Apple?

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    That seems to be the attitude -- if a computer can have an attitude -- of the program that filters headlines on Google's (GOOG) financial news feed.

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    Type "over sold" and you get Amazon

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    Typing "sell" (without quotes) brings up Apple (AAPL)
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    Typing "buy" brings up -- you guessed it -- Best Buy (BBY)

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    Apple shares briefly fall to $0.00 on Google Finance

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    The stock bounced back in the next clock tick, but the glitch shook investors who rely on MORE

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  • The world according to Google?

    Google does "the wisdom of crowds."

    If you think about the millions of searches conducted daily using Google, (GOOG) there is reason to believe you ought to be able to divine patterns or trends from the activity. If everyone is searching for a particular song for example, you might expect that artist to climb the charts. If searches are fast and furious for a digital camera, sales ought to correspondingly increase.

    But MORE

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