Resolved: Apple has peaked

July 28, 2011: 11:45 AM ET

In Techheads.tv's debut, Robert Wright argues the affirmative, yours truly the negative. 

Source: Techheads.tv

My former Time Magazine colleague Bob Wright, who has written several books about God -- including The Evolution of God, a 2010 Pulitzer finalist -- does not, it turns out, believe in Steve Jobs.

This theological shortcoming was revealed earlier this week when he and I recorded the premier episode of Techheads.tv, a spin-off of Bloggingheads, the current-events oriented "diavlog" that he and Mickey Kraus founded six years ago.

In the first Techheads episode -- which went live Thursday --  he argues that Apple (AAPL) made the same mistake with the iPhone that it made with the Mac. In this scenario, Google's (GOOG) Android  (or maybe Windows Phone 7) will do to iOS what Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows did to the Mac.

We've heard the argument before, and we think it's wrong. Click here to hear the full 35-minute episode. Or take advantage of Techheads' special sauce and listen only to those segments that interest you. We've pasted the links below the fold.


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