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Can Google MyTracks get you out of a speeding ticket?

February 22, 2011: 2:32 PM ET

A My Tracks user was given a ticket for driving over the speed limit.  His Android phone disagreed. So did the judge.

Here's an interesting story of how an Android smartphone was able to help a man get out of a speeding ticket.  Sahas Katta was driving through a 25 mph school zone when he was pulled over for speeding.  The officer said he was going 40.  He took the ticket but later discovered that his Droid was recording his GPS data over time with a Google (GOOG) app called MyTracks.

The app said that during the time the phone was recording, he never exceeded 26 mph, well under what the officer had cited him for.  He decided to fight the ticket.

I decided to write down an account of the entire situation just a few days later and even exported the data from my phone to Google Docs so I would not lose or forget any important details. I even came across an ongoing Sonoma County Superior Court case regarding the accuracy of GPS devices and radar guns. I saved a few articles to back my claim that my account of the situation was debatable with the evidence from my smart phone.


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