Review: T-Mobile G2, the best GSM Android device you can buy

October 6, 2010: 10:06 PM ET

The issues are few and far between on this powerful slider.

I've spent the last five days playing with T-Mobile's new G2 Android smartphone.  It is Senseless (in a good way) Android 2.2 in a slider keyboard format, similar in size/form factor to the Motorola Droid and Droid 2.  It has a sharp 5 MP shooter with bright flash, a 3.7 inch bright LCD display and an optical scroll.  T-Mobile touts it as its first HSPA+ device sold in the U.S.  That means at the moment it is the fastest phone in New York City (because Sprint's 4G hasn't shown up yet).

Samsung Epic 4G left, G2 center and Droid 2 right. Click to enlarge

The device is heavy at 6.5 ounces and feels incredibly solid.  That can be good if you don't mind the extra weight or bad if the heavy feel isn't you're thing.  Most people won't mind (or notice?) the extra weight and after a few hours of use, I'd forgotten about it.

If I had to describe it in just a few words, I'd say: Take a Nexus One and add a slider keyboard to the back and replace the trackpad with an optical scroll.  You'd be 90% of the way to the G2.

The way this keyboard flips out is its big differentiator.  Check the video below:

From looking at its mechanism, you'd think this would be a flimsy joint.  It definitely isn't and it has a nice flick lock like the old Sidekicks used to do.  The open/close is fun to play with and has survived a few drops and a lots of flips over the past week. More

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    T-Mobile has put up a teaser site for a new 'G2'.

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