Android OS 2.X upgrade picks up steam

December 2, 2010: 9:12 AM ET

Older phones are being updated, retired or just plain outnumbered by smartphones running Android 2.x

As the release of Google's (GOOG) Android 2.3 looms, the latest report of phones hitting the Android Market shows increased adoption of Android 2.1 and 2.2.

Source: Android Dev.

Last month, under 80% of Android users were on 2.x devices, so the upgrade march continues.  Most of the gain was in Android 2.2  devices, which have some significant advantages over their 2.1 counterparts, including Voice Actions, faster browsing, enterprise features, and Google Docs editing, among others.

Movement since June below:


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  • Dell finally ships Android 2.2 on Streak

    Offers unlocked version with updated OS at a $30 premium.

    One of the last devices to currently sell with Android 1.6 is finally getting an update.  Dell's site today advertises the Streak 5-inch Android Tablet with a Froyo update (and unlocked) at a $30 premium over the version that is tied to AT&T (T) with the older Google (GOOG) Android OS.

    The 5-inch Dell Streak can operate like a phone, so it MORE

    - Nov 23, 2010 10:57 AM ET
  • Dell Streak to receive Froyo update just in time for Gingerbread

    One of the last products still selling with the old Android 1.6 OS will finally get an update by the end of the month according to Dell.

    The Dell (DELL) Streak 5-inch Android phone/tablet has been sorely lacking in the operating system department since its release a few months ago.  Hobbled with last year's version of Android, the Streak not only has significant competition from the Samsung Galaxy Tab on the high end, and MORE

    - Nov 14, 2010 10:39 AM ET
  • Can anybody beat the iPad?

    Apple may outsell its nearest rivals 4 to 1 in 2011 as Android tablets "struggle," says analyst

    In a note to clients issued Monday morning, Canaccord Genuity's T. Michael Walkley offers a snapshot of what he thinks the tablet market will look like by the end of next year. Overall, he expects unit sales to more than double, from 20 million in 2010 to 55 million in 2011, as a host MORE

    - Sep 27, 2010 10:47 AM ET
  • Android report card: Which manufacturers are out in front?

    I'm rating manufacturers on how well they provide a ' quality Android experience' to U.S. customers.

    When buying an Android device, you want to know if your phone is going to be updated promptly to the latest operating system.

    You want to make sure that carriers aren't going to add any applications or processes that impede the Android experience. Manufacturers' Android overlays must be kept in check if you don't want MORE

    - Sep 22, 2010 12:52 PM ET
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  • Androids update faster than iPhones

    Over the Air (OTA) updates, like those issued on most Android phones, bring more rapid movement to a new platform than desktop updates like Apple's iPhone utilizes.

    According to Localytics, Android phones who receive OTA updates are much more likely to update to new mobile OS's than users who must use the desktop to update.  The illustration below compares the adoption of a new OS by iPhone 3GS users who must use their MORE

    - Sep 15, 2010 7:27 AM ET
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  • Froyo blasts through to a quarter of all Android devices

    ...And Android 2.x closes in on three-quarters of all devices.

    The latest numbers from Google (GOOG) have the Android platform finally starting to adopt Android 2.2 (Froyo), as high profile updates have come to major handsets.  Unless you were doing some hacking, in August, your only Froyo-enabled handset was the Google Nexus One.  That was reflected in the numbers.  Android 2.2 was barely on the pie chart (below) at below 5% MORE

    - Sep 12, 2010 10:41 AM ET
  • Google's Hugo Barra: Android 2.2 'not optimized for tablets'

    Is Google hedging its bets against the upcoming crop of Android tablets?

    Hugo Barra, director of products for mobile at Google (GOOG),  told TechRadar yesterday,

    "Android is an open platform. We saw at IFA 2010 all sorts of devices running Android, so it already running on tablets. But the way Android Market works is it's not going to be available on devices that don't allow applications to run correctly. Which devices do, and MORE

    - Sep 10, 2010 12:57 PM ET
  • Attention Kmart shoppers: $149 Android tablet on aisle 5

    The Android OS isn't just powering high end smartphones, it also runs barebones tablets sold at Kmart for the price of an iPod nano.

    Update (August 7th): It appears that Google hasn't licensed Android to Augun and as such the Android Market will not work on this product.

    A Kmart circular came out last week with an uber-geeky product that perked up a few ears in the gadget community.  Augen's 7-inch Gen-78 MORE

    - Aug 6, 2010 10:14 AM ET
  • Sony Xperia X10 hitting AT&T with Android 1.6?

    Someone at Sony Ericsson didn't get the memo: Android 2.2 is the only game in town.

    The Boy Genius is hearing that the Sony Xperia will be hitting AT&T's network in the coming weeks.  Sony's Experia X10 from a hardware perspective is a very solid Android phone.  It is pretty much on par with the best HTC and Motorola offer:  4-inch, 480x854 pixel screen, 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and 8 megapixel camera.  It MORE

    - Aug 4, 2010 1:19 PM ET
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