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Mobile's next frontier: Measurement, on the move

February 17, 2010: 7:45 AM ET

Flurry (think Omniture for wireless) helps developers make sense of how we use mobile applications

Weeks before Steve Jobs announced the iPad, a group of data wonks in San Francisco knew it was coming. The app analytics firm Flurry began to pick up suspicious activity in the vicinity of Cupertino's 1 Infinity Loop, home to Apple's (AAPL) corporate headquarters. About 50 devices were ravenously downloading applications that held a small snippet of Flurry software. Flurry could even say what the most popular apps were on the new device: games, entertainment, and news.

This type of data is the currency that drives both advertising and commerce on the Internet, and outfits like Comscore (SCOR) and Adobe's Omniture (ADBE) have built billion-dollar businesses out of helping companies figure out what their customers are doing online. But as the Internet migrates to smartphones, tablets, and other devices, it becomes much more challenging to measure. Thus a new group of startups have sprung up to follow web users as they download and use applications on these devices. With a window into what 80% of the consumers using mobile applications are doing, Flurry is the reigning king. More

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