Aol and Yahoo: Time to put a ring on it

November 9, 2010: 12:21 PM ET

After years of flirtations, Aol and Yahoo, or at least their bankers, seem to again be talking about a union. Our business relationship advice columnist has had enough, and says they should seal the deal already.

By Chadwick Matlin, contributor

Dear Mergie:

I am at a loss. Not, for once, of my money. (I've had a great few months.) I'm at a loss of what to do about somebody I like. It's not that she doesn't know who I am—we've known each other for years and worked our way from friend to enemy to frenemy and all the way back again. She's great—underappreciated by everyone else, but she comes with a good legacy. She's just had a rough go of it these past few years.

Recently I started flirting with her again, not with any real purpose, but not with any real restraint either. It just feels so good to be a player. To feel like my life could change with one chance meeting in a corner office or boardroom. I'm not even sure if she wants me -- like I maybe, sortof, but not really want her. But I think we have a lot in common, and we could really complement one another's personalities. We're both figuring out how to live in this new, crazy, mixed-up world that surrounds us. It feels like we could be great partners in existential angst.

But how will I know when I know, you know? I've paid people to be my friend and give me advice, but don't I need to make this decision for myself? When will I be able to take the plunge and stop pussy-footing around?

--A.O.L., 21, New York

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