Flash Crash

Video: Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box

December 9, 2012: 5:03 PM ET

Behind the Flash Crash of May 6, 2010


The action in Apple on May 6, 2010

FORTUNE -- "The last time I traded, I bought Apple in 2001."

That's what market data analyst Eric Scott Hunsader tells the  Dutch TV producers of Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box -- a 2011 exploration of the market breakdown that caused the 2010 Flash Crash -- now available for free on You Tube and, with extras, as a $0.99 iPad app.

Two other experts interviewed -- a fund manager and a quant -- are even less inclined to take their chances in a market dominated by high-frequency trading algorithms, the "black boxes" of the program's title.

"Owning the stock market, historically, from the data I've looked at and studied, has not been a particularly clever idea for a really long time," says the quant.

"I'm not afraid," says the fund manager, "because all my money is in cash."

Apple (AAPL) is one of the stocks featured in the TV program, along with Accenture (ACN) and P&G (PG). Among the extras in the iPad app are infographics that allow you to follow trading in the three stocks during the critical hour tick by tick.

Below: The English-language YouTube version. There are worse ways to spend 48 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.

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