Gaming on the iPad, no one knows you're a mom.

May 3, 2010: 10:04 AM ET

Insiders explain why the future expansion of videogames with widespread appeal rests with Apple's already popular tablet

Apple's iPad: a gaming Trojan horse?

Since the first Game Boy hit our shores in 1989, gamers have used single-purpose devices for gaming on the go, a model most developers followed until 2007, when the iPhone took "walking-around" gaming mainstream. The smartphone's touch-screen interface, hardware, and widespread adoption  means that both casual gamers and hardcore gamers could get their fix from one multipurpose device.

For all the iPhone's trailblazing, it's the iPad's supercharged hardware that has the industry buzzing to get in on the action. Of the 2,300-plus iPad applications currently available on Apple's App Store, at least 830 are games. Flurry Analytics recently estimated that 44 percent of all apps in development are games. And the iPad's 500,000-plus user base should swell even more once the 3G version arrives in stores later this week.

For developers, the iPad marks a new product category, a powerful yet portable, multipurpose device that will mean different things to different users. According to Scott Steinberg, CEO of video game consulting firm Tech Savvy, the iPad is a natural fit for gaming. More

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