Finger Spot

How Steve Jobs turned a finger spot into a death grip

July 19, 2010: 11:39 AM ET

The PR magician has done it again, dumbfounding both the media and rival companies.  I'm in awe.

If anyone can somehow remember last week (I think maybe Consumer Reports might be the only one who can), the issue with the iPhone 4 was that when you connected the two antennas with your flesh, the signal dropped.  I've posted a few of the hundreds of YouTubes below showing this (watch them quick before they get pulled!).  That's why the trusted testing agency gave it a "can't reccomend" rating.

At the Apple (AAPL) press event on Friday, somehow, right in front of a crowd of journalists (depicted at the end of the Taiwanese video below), the 'finger spot' that cut signal somehow turned into a more universal 'death grip' which also cuts signal but in just about every mobile device ever made.

At the Q&A, one blogger, Ryan Block from GDGT, asked the one real question that needed an answer.  He was given a non-answer by Apple VP Bob Mansfield:

Taken from Jason Snell's liveblog of the event

Then the finger issue was dropped, never to be heard of again -- anywhere. Apple put up its "change the message" antenna page showing 'death grips' across a wide variety of mobile devices.  This isn't what Consumer Reports had made its recommendations on.  Nowhere did Apple address the real issue: the finger spot.


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