Quick Review: Verizon Fascinate

September 13, 2010: 1:22 PM ET


Verizon really blew it.  It traded having one of the best Android phones out there for some cash from Microsoft.  For their money, Microsoft got Verizon to pluck out the really good parts of the Google phone (search and maps) and clumsily put Bing in its place.  The mandatory, unchangeable search bar is now Bing and it is flakey (see video below) to say the least.  Bing buys you search results that don't match up with Google's and even worse,  they don't show up as you type.

This phone still uses Google for speech recognition, which is fairly accurate, but the results are still from Bing.

Most importantly, Bing can't be integrated into the phone the way Google (GOOG) is.  For instance, a call to maps from an e-mail or an SMS doesn't work as it should. Verizon (VZ) did away with Google's maps and replaced them with Verizon's (pay for subscription) and Bing-branded maps applications.  These are laughable compared to Google's.   You can install Google's maps application from the Market but system-wide searches still default elsewhere.

This phone is painful to use after having used the Sprint (S) Version or even AT&T's and T-Mobile's. More

  • Verizon forces Fascinate users to use Bing?

    I've been telling my friends and colleagues on Verizon to wait for the Samsung Fascinate.  I'm sorry, I was wrong.  Get something else.

    The latest Google (GOOG) Android phone from Verizon is saddled with Bing for all of its search features, according to Engadget's review this morning.  As Google incorporates its search engine into a variety of functions on the Android phone,  it just kills the experience.

    Google is said to rely on search revenues to MORE

    - Sep 7, 2010 10:43 AM ET
  • Samsung Galaxy S commercial face-off

    Verizon and Sprint marketing departments go head to head in advertising their new Android devices.

    Since Sprint's device is coming out tomorrow, they are up first.  Hopefully, Halo got a payout on this one:

    That seems very Droid-like.  So what does the 'maker of the Droid' have to say?

    - Aug 30, 2010 5:23 PM ET
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