Before Droid 2 released, Verizon leaks its successor?

August 7, 2010: 8:24 PM ET

Mysterious Worldphone (LTE Android device?) with 1.2GHz processor set to debut in 2011.

Verizon (VZ) is notoriously bad at keeping their handsets a secret.  For instance, its Droid 2 smartphone has been pictured all over the web for months, yet Verizon or Motorola (MOT), the manufacturer, haven't officially said anything about it.

Is it possible that the Droid 3 is already making the rounds at the rumor sites, even before Verizon and Motorola announce the Droid 2?  Perhaps, if the image below is any indication.   Until now, early leaks haven't had any sort of catastrophic effect on Verizon's phone sales.  In fact, they only seem to build anticipation. But leaking six months ahead of time might cause some would-be Droid 2 purchasers to hesitate.

This phone was unearthed by the folks at Androidguys.com and isn't scheduled for release until early 2011.  That's about the time the Droid 2, scheduled for release on August 12th if the rumor sites/Best Buy are to be believed, will be getting stale.

This device is made by HTC and will be a 'Worldphone' (works on international GSM networks) according to AndroidGuys.  It had a tell tale Vodafone SIM card in it, something that US Verizon phones don't currently require to be on their current generation network.

More interestingly, the SIM could also indicate it is the first Android LTE phone (Vodafone owns a minority stake in Verizon Wireless). Verizon plans to have 30 markets lit up for its 4G LTE network by the end of 2010.

The new HTC phone is about the size of an EVO but with a slightly smaller screen.  A comparison picture is posted below.


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    The Sprint EVO 4G is selling very well, even if it isn't selling as well as Sprint previously stated.  Sprint today said that it had misstated the original numbers by adding an extra 3x in its original statement.

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    Update: Sprint has revised their numbers downwards.

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    I would like to add a couple of points [on the iPhone vs. Flagship Androids post].

    I have the Apple 3GS and the EVO 4G. I have found the battery on the Evo to be as good or better! For example I last charged the Evo 18 hours ago and still have 60%. I used it for moderate usage, MORE

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    There is no such thing as bad publicity?  Certainly, my EVO is as cool as it was yesterday, isn't it?  (via Good and EVO)

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