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Today in Tech: The 'partially fabricated' iPad factory interview

March 19, 2012: 3:30 AM ET

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* Apple (AAPL) is holding a conference call later this morning to discuss what the company intends to do with its roughly $100 billion in cash. (Fortune)

Performer Mike Daisey. Photo: Mike Daisey's blog

* Late last week, the highly-respected radio show This American Life announced it was retracting an episode it aired about a Foxconn iPad factory because one source, off-Broadway performer Mike Daisey, fabricated information about Apple's labor practices. "What I do is not journalism," Daisey responded. "The tools of the theater are not the same as the tools of journalism. ... This American Life is essentially a journalistic ­-- not a theatrical ­-- enterprise, and as such, it operates under a different set of rules and expectations." (The Verge)

* The Federal Aviation Administration, which currently doesn't allow the use of tablets and e-readers on planes during take-off or landing, may be having a change of heart. According to The New York Times, the F.A.A. plans to re-examine in-flight usage of such devices, although it will likely be some time before any changes take place. Also worth noting: smartphones won't be included in the new rounds of testing (for now). (The New York Times)

* Sprint (S) ended its 15-year spectrum-hosting and network buildout agreement with Philip Falcone's Lightsquared. The move stemmed from Lightsquared's inability to fix network interference issues with GPS signals. (The Wall Street Journal)

* A conversation with Esther Dyson, the veritable "godmother" of Silicon Valley. (PE Hub)

* Despite the rapid innovation in smartphones -- sharper, larger screens, faster speeds -- the one area that remains sorely lacking is battery life. (PandoDaily)

* How many mobile game developers give away their apps for free up-front but make money off extra features. (The New York Times)

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