The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote

November 12, 2010: 1:10 PM ET

This week a software developer recounted a personal phone call from Steve Jobs to help fix his rejected app. But Derek Sivers recalls the CEO in 2003 as slightly less personable over issues with the iTunes Music store.

By Derek Sivers, contributor

In May 2003, Apple (AAPL) invited me to their headquarters to discuss getting CD Baby's catalog into the iTunes Music Store.

iTunes had just launched two weeks before, with only some music from the major labels. Many of us in the music biz were not sure this idea was going to work. Especially those who had seen companies like eMusic do this exact same model for years without big success.

I flew to Cupertino thinking I'd be meeting with one of their marketing or tech people. When I arrived, I found out that about a hundred people from small record labels and distributors had also been invited.

We all went into a little presentation room, not knowing what to expect.

Then out comes Steve Jobs. Whoa! Wow.


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