Dr. Scholl

Why it doesn't McMatter if you don't like the McRib

November 17, 2010: 11:51 AM ET

The cult favorite sandwich, hovering on the border between yum and yuck, won't mean much to McDonald's bottom line. But it's moving the needle on the company's brand awareness, especially in social media.

Wondering what a McRib, McDonald's barbecue pork sandwich, tastes like, but haven't quite worked up the steam to go out and try one? Just ask the Internet:

"It's fast food's best version of comfort food." "I'll take an order of 25." "Worst heartburn I ever had." "Epitome of gross/awesome." "The one thing I love at McDonalds is back." "The best awful food ever." "The best thing since cell phones and Nintendo." "Has the spongy texture of A Dr. Scholl's gel insert."

That's a sampling of what's been floating around on Twitter and the blogosphere regarding the McRib, back on the menu nationally for a limited offering for the first time since 1994.

If you're a McRib newbie, the heated comments might be enough to make you want to try one. Could it really be that good? Could it really be that bad? Are you culturally illiterate if you don't know what it is? As one Tweet put it: "I've heard so much about this mystical sandwich I must see for myself now." More

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