Google code slip reveals new Docs features

November 2, 2010: 2:29 PM ET

Third-party Applications, Cloud Printers and Sync Services appear to be en route for Google Docs.

The unofficial Google Operating System Blog revealed today that Google may soon be offering some new features to its Docs service. The code was uncovered in a Docs webpage and seems to indicate three new features that have long been talked about as upgrades:

Via Google Operating System blog

Cloud printing will allow users to print to any Cloud-enabled printer in the world using the Internet.   More

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  • Drag and drop images in Google Docs

    One of the nice features of desktop word processing now is available in the Google Docs Cloud.

    Announced last night and only working on Google (GOOG) Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers, Google Docs can now handle the easy dragging of a document from your desktop into the browser page.  Little updates like this start to blur the line between desktop and cloud computing and will make it easier for people to move into MORE

    - Oct 20, 2010 12:04 PM ET
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  • Microsoft Office sales down, but don't blame Google Docs?

    NPD reports today that Microsoft Office 2010 sales are much lower than its initial release of Office 2007 and only slightly improved over its Office sales earlier this year.

    NPD gives a few reasons for the lackluster consumer launch, which began just two weeks ago.

    Office 2007 was launched alongside Vista
    The Office Suite market is saturated
    Office 2010 was launched during a seasonally slow period for PC purchases [I'd add Intel just announced MORE

    - Jul 14, 2010 11:44 AM ET
  • Google Apps share nicely

    Google updates Apps sharing capabilities to allow more, yet simplified sharing options.

    As Microsoft unleashes its Office 2010 to consumers, Google continues its almost daily upgrades of its Apps suite.  Today, a biggie for those who share their Docs inside and outside of their domain.

    The settings are available from a link next to the doc name and look like the window (right).

    Check the video below for the full explanation.

    - Jun 17, 2010 5:52 PM ET
  • Google compares Office upgrade to Docs

    Google's Docs service is a compelling alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office upgrade, especially for web-savvy collaborative organizations.

    Microsoft is currently ramping up its extremely profitable Office 2010 updates but it may run into some competition it hasn't had to face since the Wordperfect/Lotus 123 era.  Google offers its Docs service as part of its online Apps suite for $50/user/year.

    In a blog post titled 'Upgrade here', Google's Enterprise Blog presents a MORE

    - May 11, 2010 1:16 PM ET
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