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Pandora by the dashboard light

August 25, 2010: 3:08 PM ET

Whether hooked to a laptop or iPod, or mainlining the Internet, car radios are evolving, with big assists from music companies like Pandora, MOG, and Jelli

By Betsy Feldman and Benjamin Snyder, contributors

Radio – the word is likelier to conjure up FDR's fireside chats than the cutting edge of the Web, but the original broadcast warhorse has survived the Internet boom far better than other traditional media. Americans listen to the radio an average of 17 hours a week; over half of that takes place in the car. So it makes sense that car radio is the new frontier for online music sites like Jelli. "The car is the new battleground for the web," says its CEO and founder, Michael Dougherty. As music websites ramp up their mobile offerings, companies are trying to find new homes for their services in America's automobiles. More

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