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  • iPhone 4 stockouts: 60% of Apple Stores, 100% of the rest

    Selling 'em as fast as they can make 'em, according to a survey of 100 retail outlets

    Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore did his homework last weekend.

    First he waited in line for nearly four hours at Apple's (AAPL) flagship San Francisco store to buy his own pre-ordered iPhone 4 ("Apple provided lunch and bottled water which was unexpected and well appreciated," he says). And then he and his colleagues contacted more than MORE

    - Jun 28, 2010 6:51 AM ET
  • New high Apple price target: $375

    With the stock setting new records, analysts' prediction are following suit

    In his second note to clients in as many days, Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore raised his price target for Apple (AAPL) to $375 -- the highest we've seen to date.

    "Apple is beginning the strongest product cycle in the company's history, led by the iPad and iPhone 4 release later this week," he writes.

    "Initial demand for the new iPhone is incredibly MORE

    - Jun 22, 2010 10:38 AM ET
  • Chasing Apple's 'galloping pace'

    In the converging market for mobile devices, vendors vie for second place, says an analyst

    Things look bleak for everybody but Apple (AAPL) and maybe Google (GOOG) in a brief report to clients issued Monday by Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore.

    "The distinction between smartphones, tablets and low-end notebooks is blurring rapidly," he writes. "Currently there are just two main competitors where we believe Apple's user experience is industry leading and Android is MORE

    - Jun 21, 2010 12:05 PM ET
  • What makes Apple so sticky

    There's more to customer loyalty than the love of a brand

    "Stickyness" is a term of art usually applied to websites like Facebook that keep visitors coming back for more.

    But it can also be applied to a software platform, and in a note to clients issued Friday Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore takes a crack at measuring the stickiness of the iPhone-iPod-iPad platform.

    What he's done is analyze the size of the iPhone, MORE

    - May 29, 2010 3:55 PM ET
  • Apple's iPad vs. the netbooks

    By 2011, Apple will have captured 7% of the low-end computer market, says an analyst

    "We expect the iPad to compete very well against existing low-end notebooks and netbooks, particularly in the segment of the market where surfing, reading, game playing and emailing dominate the usage model."

    So says Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore in a note released Sunday.

    In fact, he writes, with the release of the iPad this spring, Apple (AAPL) will MORE

    - Feb 1, 2010 11:26 AM ET
  • Why AAPL dropped 10.32 points Friday

    Apple got whacked for no good reason in advance of Monday's earnings report

    I don't pretend to understand much about how derivatives work or what hedge fund managers do, but I've been watching the ups and downs of Apple's (AAPL) stock price long enough to recognize a pattern when I see it.

    This one was a classic slingshot, described succinctly by Jason Schwarz in his seminal Apple: Seven Reasons Shorts Love It:

    "If MORE

    - Jan 23, 2010 11:31 AM ET
  • The iPhone dons a suit and tie

    IT departments are finally starting to buy Apple's smartphone, says a Deutsche Bank report

    "There is growing evidence that the iPhone is making inroads into the Enterprise," writes Deutsche Bank research analyst Chris Whitmore in a report to clients Monday.

    According to his estimates, Apple (AAPL) by the end of the year will have shipped about 2 million iPhones into corporate accounts through various routes, including internal IT department purchases and formal MORE

    - Nov 2, 2009 1:05 PM ET
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