46% of Republicans believe tablets will replace laptops

January 10, 2012: 7:57 AM ET

And assorted other findings from a national poll of 1,555 registered voters

The question put out there by Poll Position was:

Do you think electronic tablets, such as Apple's (AAPL) iPad, will eventually take the place of laptop computers?

Among results (margin of error +/- 3%):

  • Overall, 46% of respondents said yes, 34.8% said no, 19.2% had no opinion
  • Women (39.2% yes) were more skeptical than men (53.2%)
  • 18-29 year olds (36.5% yes) were more skeptical than 30-44 year olds (53%)
  • Independents had more trouble making up their minds (21.9% had no opinion) than registered Republicans (49.9% yes) or Democrats (44.8% yes)
  • Seniors 65 years old and over were, understandably, the most ambivalent (42.1% had no opinion)
Below the fold: The full results.
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