Dell Streak

Dell Streak: A $299, 5-inch phone?

July 27, 2010: 4:16 PM ET

The Dell Streak hits the US market this week with the biggest screen yet in a smartphone.


Both the Sprint EVO, made by HTC and the Verizon Droid X made by Motorola (MOT) carry gargantuan 4.3 inch displays which make them about the biggest phones on the market.  But as of this week, they won't even be the biggest Android phones you can buy.  Dell (DELL) will soon release its Streak here in the US and with it will blur the definition of smartphone and tablet.

The landscape would appear to be pretty ripe for Dell's new device, at first glance.  The 4.3-inch screened Droid X and EVO have been incredibly successful.  The EVO launch was Sprint's biggest ever and it bested its previous two best sellers, combined. We don't have any numbers on the Droid X yet, but all indications were that the launch was a successful one for Verizon (VZ).  Shortages are still being reported and as per usual, activations servers could barely keep up with the launch day sales.

So does bigger equal more sales?  Not this time...


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