David Kirkpatrick

Sculley and Kirkpatrick vs. a couple of Bloomberg gals

December 25, 2012: 7:02 AM ET

A veteran Apple watcher and a former Apple CEO add insight to insult

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Sculley on Bloomberg TV. Click to view video.

FORTUNE -- For readers who might someday find themselves on cable television fielding annoying or clueless questions in your area of expertise, here's a lesson from a couple of pros.

John Sculley, former CEO of Apple (AAPL), and David Kirkpatrick, my former colleague at Fortune, deftly turned a 7-minute interview on Bloomberg TV into an opportunity to set the record straight on a variety of media misconceptions about Apple, Samsung, Facebook (FB) and the future of mobile computing.

The piece aired Christmas Eve. The reporters are Sara Eisen and Alix Steel.

The video is entitled Kirkpatrick Says Apple Enthusiasm Not Diminished.

Thanks djt for the tip.

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