• What's Google News worth? $100 million

    Google vice president Marissa Mayer says Google News might not make money on its own, but it drives $100 million worth of search. Image: Google

    HALF MOON BAY, Calif. - Google News is free and has zero ads. So what's it worth to Google? About $100 million.

    That's the figure Google (GOOG) vice president Marissa Mayer, who heads search products and user experience, threw out during a Tuesday lunch session at Fortune's MORE

    - Jul 22, 2008 6:20 PM ET
  • Novatel catches tech flu

    By Scott Martin

    Novatel's big miss (NVTL) offers a glimpse of how slumping tech spending can pinch a weak player.

    The wireless modem maker warned Monday that first-quarter sales came in below its target. Revenue was $91 million, or 9% below its previous forecast. Novatel will release its disclose its full earnings for the quarter on May 1.

    Novatel blamed a product glitch for delays in its supplies of USB devices to a MORE

    - Apr 15, 2008 11:16 AM ET
  • Overseas sales could revive Apple

    Image: Apple

    Can Apple regain its status as a Wall Street darling?

    So far 2008 has not been kind to the technology trendsetter. With U.S. iPod sales slowing and iPhone hype fading, investors have been seized by worries that the crew in Cupertino isn't much of a growth story anymore. The stock has fallen 40 percent from its recent highs, losing some $50 billion in market value --and it isn't clear what MORE

    - Feb 26, 2008 8:00 AM ET
  • Gadgets and games score with Cyber Monday crowds

    Shoppers headed online in droves on Cyber Monday, according to the latest stats: 32.5 million visitors entered virtual stores, up 10 percent from a year ago.

    - Nov 28, 2007 9:50 AM ET
  • Nielsen: Facebook growth outpaces MySpace

    Facebook's unique audience grew by 1.5 million people in October, according to a report released this week by Nielsen Online. That's five times the rate of larger rival MySpace, which grew by about 300,000.

    - Nov 15, 2007 12:08 PM ET
  • Audience grows for IAC's Evite, Ticketmaster

    InterActiveCorp (IACI), a multi-billion-dollar company that manages online brands including, Evite and LendingTree, scored its strongest traffic growth this summer from a site that helps people manage their timeshare vacations.

    The company reported earnings today. Profit for the quarter that ended Sept. 30 fell to $71.8 million, or 24 cents per share, from $74.9 million, or 24 cents, last year. The 4.2 percent drop was attributed to troubles in the MORE

    - Oct 31, 2007 11:52 AM ET
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  • Microsoft online growth led by gaming, search

    Microsoft (MSFT) mostly saw modest increases in traffic to its online properties in the third quarter, with gaming, technology, real estate and search leading the company's growth.

    - Oct 25, 2007 12:54 PM ET
  • Apple posts strong summer numbers for online traffic


    If its online traffic is any guide, Apple (AAPL) had a pretty decent quarter.

    The maker of iPods, iPhones and Macs grew its online traffic 18 percent compared to a year earlier, from a monthly average of 36.6 million unique visitors to 43 million, according to Nielsen Online. Total minutes at the site grew 22 percent, from 7 billion in calendar Q3 2006 to 8.6 billion in calendar Q3 2007.

    Nielsen MORE

    - Oct 22, 2007 1:26 PM ET
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  • Apple squeezes more profit out of hard drive-based iPods

    Apple's cost to build the iPod classic is 11 percent lower than the previous verison, iSuppli estimates. Photo: Apple

    Apple's (AAPL) redesign of the iPod classic has allowed the company to make better profits while also offering more storage, an analysis from researcher iSuppli has found.

    The iSuppli numbers (below) help shed light on how Apple continues to make money off of its iPod line even as certain versions mature. iSuppli estimates MORE

    - Oct 21, 2007 3:19 PM ET
  • Microsoft posts strong U.S. search gains, but Google rules

    Microsoft's (MSFT) search business maintained strong growth in September, gaining on second-place Yahoo (YHOO). But Google (GOOG) remained the search leader, handling 54 percent of U.S. queries, according to Nielsen Online.

    Looking at the September numbers alone, it appears that Microsoft accomplished a coup with its 71.5 percent year-over-year gain in search volume, capturing 12 percent of the market. But Microsoft's growth hasn't been steady. In July it handled nearly 14 MORE

    - Oct 19, 2007 9:52 PM ET
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