Sprint EVO 4G launch overwhelms activation systems

June 4, 2010: 10:35 PM ET

The Sprint Superphone had strong demand even if people weren't lined up around the corner.

I went to a Best Buy and a Sprint Store today to see what customers were saying about the new Sprint EVO 4G.  Not surprisingly, both stores were pretty busy and both were out of stock when I showed up.  The people I had talked to had pre-ordered their EVOs and were pretty knowledgeble about the devices they were buying.

Many new EVO customers were waiting around for their phones to get activated.  Employees said that Sprints activation servers were overloaded.  That is a somewhat good sign for HTC/Google/Sprint.

New York isn't one of the areas that Sprint has deployed 4G (it will come later this year) and there was some animosity about paying $10 extra for 4G service when it was unlikely that they'd use it until it came to New York.

Surprisingly, most were also aware of the 8GB SD micro-SD formatting issue and all of the battery reviews.  One man I talked to was taking the SD out of his previous phone.  Another wasn't sure he'd need it right away and was patient enough to wait for the over the air update.  Many were buying extra USB charging cables (some at my recommendation).


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