Chromoting: ChromeOS to run traditional applications?

June 11, 2010: 3:31 PM ET

As a legacy transitional tool, Google's browser-based ChromeOS will have  the ability to access to traditional PC applications according to a post on the Chromium discussion board by a Google employee.

It isn't certain how the Google service would work at this point, though like everything else in the Chrome OS, it would be through the browser.   The term 'Chromoting' implies some sort of remote desktop type of application.

There are already many remote access tools that operate through various technologies (ActiveX, Java, etc) in the browser so right out of the box, it would seem to have the capability to remotely access rote computers.

Google could also be teaming up with vendors like Citrix to allow remote access to Windows Virtual Machines.  Open source remote desktop applications like VNC are another likely option with the benefit of tools like Guacamole which allow HTML5 viewing and control hosting (video below) of a remote machine or virtual instance.


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