Craig Newmark

It's time for a new version of government

October 1, 2010: 1:53 PM ET

The government 2.0 movement is about change, real change, and how to use the power of tech to empower the public. Here's how it will work, and who's already behind it.

By John Moore, contributor

Flag of the United States in the Moon Light 月光...

Image by Yang and Yun's Album via Flickr

There is a movement underway, called Government 2.0, a movement is crucial to our future as a society and one that's I'm a part of -- an inside man, if you will. Let me tell you about it.

Government 2.0 is a citizen-centric philosophy and strategy that believes the best results are usually driven by partnerships between citizens and government, at all levels.  It is focused entirely on achieving goals through increased efficiency, better management, information transparency, and citizen engagement and most often leverages newer technologies to achieve the desired outcomes. Government 2.0 is bringing business approaches, business technologies, to government. More

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