Conan O'Brien's video editors spoof Apple's Final Cut Pro X

June 25, 2011: 11:44 AM ET

More fallout from the botched update of the Mac's professional video editing software

Source: Team Coco

Four days after Apple (AAPL) released Final Cut Pro X, the latest version of its top-of-the-line video editing software, the repercussions are still rippling through Hollywood and the tech press.

David Pogue, who gave it a positive review in Thursday's New York Times, was forced to revisit his assessment that afternoon. "In 10 years of writing Times columns, I've never encountered anything quite like this," he wrote. "After one day of using it, many professional video editors are running through the streets with pitchforks."

Meanwhile, the negative comments on Apple's Mac App Store continue to pile up. As of mid-day Saturday, 471 of 1,028 reviewers had given it one-star -- the most-negative rating Apple allows.

But nobody had more fun with the new version that the post-production crew at the Conan O'Brien show, who put it through its paces in a video entitled "Conan's Editors Absolutely Love Apple's New Final Cut Pro X."

We've pasted a Flash version below the fold.


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