Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print arriving shortly to an inbox near you

January 24, 2011: 2:14 PM ET

Print from any web-enabled device including your smartphone.

As promised, Google (GOOG) is starting to roll out its Cloud Print services to its Gmail clients who want to print an email, document or PDF file to their printers through the internet.  The process is pretty straight forward on the client side, (which incidentally includes any device that can read Gmail).  It gets much more complicated on the printer side.

First, you'll need to have a PC running Windows (oh the irony!).  You'll need to install a special beta version of the Chrome Browser for Windows, which includes some printing proxy software.   That may not please your IT guy if you are at work.

Macs and Linux will be supported in the future but at the moment, it works on PCs only. More

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