Cloud Builders

Intel's sunny vision for the cloud

January 12, 2011: 5:00 AM ET

The chipmaker wants to standardize online computing. Will the rest of the industry get on board?

Can Intel do for cloud computing what it did for Wi-Fi? The chip company helped usher in ubiquitous wireless broadband seven years ago when it introduced its Centrino wireless platform for laptop computers and then teamed up with PC makers and hot spot operators such as Borders (BGP) and Hilton to evangelize Wi-Fi to consumers. Now Intel hopes to cajole the tech industry and others to embrace the delivery of software and other computing services over the Internet.

Intel (INTC) recently unveiled several initiatives aimed at making the cloud more omnipresent and open. (Translation: Services seamlessly work on any device, and software developers can build applications using a standard set of tools.) There's Intel's Cloud Builders program, which provides step-by-step guidance to companies that want to move data and services to the cloud. There's also the Open Data Center Alliance, a consortium of close to 70 companies Intel brought together to develop cloud-computing software and hardware standards. More

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