Citrix Online

A dark horse emerges in web conferencing

December 17, 2009: 7:22 AM ET

With ownership of the SMB market, is Citrix Online a threat to Cisco?

Caine's Citrix owns unified communications - for now. Photo: Citrix.

Hoopla around Google Wave service, launched publicly in September, has brought resurgence to the idea of unified communications -- a single platform that integrates voice, email, fax (really!), chat, and web conferencing. Long a dream of the telecommunications industry, unified communications is gaining some buzz among corporate tech teams as a possible tool for enhancing employee productivity.

As tech executives ponder their options, vendors of communications services are racing to grab share in the nascent market. But so far, it's not online voice purveyor Skype or event Google (GOOG) that is making real waves in unified services -- so far. Instead, the leader is a relatively unknown company: Citrix. More

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