• First sighting of Android-based Sony PSPhone

    Engadget found a PSP Phone running Android.  That would make a few shoppers a nice Christmas present.

    The Sony PSP Phone has been rumored since the first PSP showed up in 2004.  If the product shot Engadget produced this evening is the real deal, it will likely be coming to fruition either right before Christmas or early next year.

    According to Engadget, the device sports a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of RAM, MORE

    - Oct 26, 2010 9:41 PM ET
  • The iPod's rise and fall

    Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPod on Oct. 23, 2001, nine years ago today

    Here are the stats:

    Age: 9 years
    Units sold: 278,545,000
    Net sales: $47,833,000,000

    Note the seasonal patterns of quarterly sales in the chart, with Sonic-the-Hedgehog-style Christmas spikes. Note also the major inflection points, when sales accelerated:

    - Oct 23, 2010 11:26 AM ET
  • The iPod touch's breakout Christmas

    Downloads grew 1000% on Christmas Day, surpassing the iPhone's for the first time

    Judging from data scheduled for release Monday morning by Flurry Analytics, Apple's (AAPL) iPod touch was one of the hot gifts this holiday season.

    "It appears that an influx of new iPod Touch devices has flooded the market over Christmas," Flurry reports, "and that users of the handset, primarily pre-teen and teen audiences, are voracious downloaders."

    In the chart above, iPhone MORE

    - Dec 28, 2009 7:04 AM ET
  • Macs top Amazon's 'Most Gifted' list

    Some computer wishes seem to have come true this holiday season

    Last time we looked -- on the eve of Cyber Monday -- there was a conspicuous discrepancy in Amazon's (AMZN) computer department between the "Most Wished For" and "Most Gifted" machines. Customers may have been hoping for Apples (AAPL), but it looked like they were getting Toshibas, Acers and Hewlett Packards (HPQ) instead.

    One month later, on Christmas morning, that discrepancy MORE

    - Dec 25, 2009 7:02 AM ET
  • Bah, humbug! Apple's Holiday Sampler

    Curious about iTunes LPs? For the price of some dreadful music, you can get one free.

    It's hard to imagine Steve Jobs choosing the tracks that appear on the "Holiday Sampler" Apple (AAPL) released this week, just in time for Christmas.

    Barry Manilow singing "Jingle Bells"? "The Twelve Days of Christmas" done as an instrumental by the Mexicani Marimba Band?

    This is the kind of music that makes you want to turn off MORE

    - Dec 11, 2009 7:33 AM ET
  • Macs are Amazon's 'Most Wished For'

    But some people may not be getting the computers they hoped for this holiday season

    On the eve of Cyber Monday, Apple (AAPL) Macs held the top three spots on Amazon's (AMZN) "Most Wished For" laptop list, as well as the top four spots on the desktop computer wish list.

    But wishes are not horses -- or premium-priced Macs -- and judging from Amazon's "Most Gifted" lists, some of those Christmas wishes MORE

    - Nov 29, 2009 6:59 AM ET
  • iPod touch use "exploded" Christmas day

    Did Apple's (AAPL) unrelenting advertising campaign for the iPod touch as a game machine  ("The funnest iPod ever") pay off this holiday season?

    Indirect data from two Web-based sources suggest it did -- big time.

    Net Applications (a Web metrics firm), and AdMob (a mobile Web ad network) both produced graphs last week with sharp Christmas day spikes of the kind you usually see only from runaway hits.

    "iPod Touch requests on MORE

    - Jan 10, 2009 11:44 AM ET
  • Amazon's Christmas bestsellers: Acer, Apple and Asus

    Look what Santa left under's tree this Christmas morning:

    7 Acer netbooks
    7 Apple MacBooks
    4 Asus netbooks
    2 Samsung netbooks
    2 MSI netbooks
    1 OLPC (One laptop per child) XO laptop
    1 Lenova Ideapad laptop
    1 Toshiba Satellite laptop

    Can you spot the ringer on Amazon's 2008 Christmas-day list of 25 bestselling notebook computers?

    You guessed it. It's those seven premium-priced Apple (AAPL) MacBooks in a shopping cart dominated by stripped-down netbooks, heavily discounted Windows notebooks and a MORE

    - Dec 25, 2008 8:49 AM ET
  • Apple's Black Friday bestsellers

    In a holiday shopping season that got off to a better start than expected, Apple (AAPL) products sold particularly well -- although not as well as last year, judging from sales at Amazon, America's largest online retailer.

    The iPod Touch was Amazon's No. 1 best-selling electronics item Black Friday morning. By Sunday, however, it had dropped to No. 4 after the Kindle reader, a Canon (CAJ) Powershot camera and a Garmin MORE

    - Nov 30, 2008 11:38 AM ET
  • Apple Q1 earnings: How big the bounce?

    Apple (AAPL) by all accounts had a terrific holiday season. The Apple Stores were packed, and Macs, iPods and iPhones were shipping in record numbers. On Christmas day alone, Steve Jobs announced at Macworld last week, the company sold 20 million songs.

    Then the market tanked, and Apple's shares, having more than doubled in 2007, went into free fall. As the Dow dropped 10 percent, Apple dropped more than 20 percent, MORE

    - Jan 20, 2008 10:26 AM ET
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