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  • The iPad is coming to China

    Apple is stepping up its product releases in the world's largest mobile market

    China's Caixin Media group reported Monday that China Unicom (CHU) has won the right to sell the iPad -- both the Wi-Fi and the 3G versions -- in China. No date for the product's release was given.

    The report follows news that China Unicom will be selling the iPhone 4 in early September, less than three months after that MORE

    - Aug 17, 2010 7:17 AM ET
  • Wi-Fi iPhones coming to China Monday

    China Unicom overcomes a key impediment to sales in the world's largest mobile market

    China Unicom, Apple's exclusive carrier in the world's largest cellphone market, announced Friday that it will begin selling iPhones equipped with Wi-Fi receivers on Monday.

    This could be the breakthrough both companies have been waiting for. China Unicom, the country's second-largest cellphone company with some 315 million subscribers, began selling iPhones in Oct. 2008, but government restrictions prevented MORE

    - Aug 6, 2010 9:56 AM ET
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  • China Mobile wants the iPad

    The world's largest cellphone carrier also wanted the iPhone, but hasn't got it yet

    China Mobile (CHL) chairman Wang Jianzhou told shareholders Wednesday that the company is interested in selling Apple's (AAPL) iPad in China, according to a Reuters report.

    Apple announced last week that its tablet computer is coming to Hong Kong and Singapore in July, but hasn't revealed plans for selling it in mainland China.

    Wang's remarks, made at China Mobile's MORE

    - May 12, 2010 5:05 AM ET
  • China Unicom: 300,000 iPhones sold

    After a slow start -- and a flood of gray market devices -- official sales gather momentum

    iPhonAsia's Dan Butterfield, citing Chinese press accounts, reported early Tuesday that sales Apple's (AAPL) iPhone in China have passed the 300,000 mark.

    It took China Unicom (CHU), Apple's official Chinese carrier, 40 days to sell its first 100,000 iPhones and less than 20 to reach 300,000.

    "The Unicom iPhone Express has steadily picked up speed and MORE

    - Dec 29, 2009 5:49 AM ET
  • China: 100,000 iPhones in 40 days

    The chairman of China Unicom finally has some sales figures to report

    The numbers coming out of China since Apple (AAPL) launched the iPhone in the world's largest cell phone market have been dismal.

    China Unicom (CHU) said it signed up 5,000 iPhone subscribers in the first weekend -- a number widely reported as total sales. This was followed by reports that only five iPhones had been sold through a new website MORE

    - Dec 10, 2009 5:31 AM ET
  • iPhone hardball and soft sell in China

    Apple airs its first Chinese-language ads as reports of retailer intimidation emerge

    Supplementing print advertisements like the one at right, the first Apple-produced iPhone ads appeared on Chinese TV over the weekend.

    They come on the heels of the device's somewhat sluggish start last month in the world's largest mobile phone market (more than 720 million subscribers).

    Apple's (AAPL) local carrier, China Unicom (CHU), reported signing up only 5,000 new subscribers in the MORE

    - Nov 22, 2009 3:18 PM ET
  • Chinese iPhones to start at $300, $18.45/mos. - update

    [UPDATE: On Sept. 28, China Unicom announced an iPhone price point more than twice as high as the one in this press report. See here.]

    iPhones in China will be relatively expensive, but monthly charges will be among the lowest in the world.

    So says the Xinhua News Agency, the official press service of the Chinese Communist government, quoting an unnamed "insider" at China Unicom (CHU).

    According the Xinhua report published early Friday, MORE

    - Sep 25, 2009 7:27 AM ET
  • How many iPhones will Apple sell in China?

    It's tempting to multiply China's 700 million mobile phone users by a percentage pulled out of a hat, and now that China Unicom has announced its deal with Apple (AAPL), everybody seems to be doing it.

    Result: Published estimates of how many iPhones Apple will sell in China next year that range from a low of 1 million to a high of 14 million. Here are the numbers we've seen:

    UBS analyst MORE

    - Aug 29, 2009 10:40 AM ET
  • China Unicom signs iPhone deal

    China Unicom announced Friday that it had struck a deal with Apple (AAPL) to bring the iPhone to the world's largest cellphone market.

    The announcement ends months of speculation and represents a coup for China Unicom, the country's No. 2 carrier with more than 140 million subscribers. Apple's negotiations with giant China Mobile (nearly 500 million subscribers) broke down earlier this year.

    "We believe China Unicom's high-speed mobile broadband network, coupled with MORE

    - Aug 28, 2009 6:21 AM ET
  • Apple execs reportedly flying to China

    Either there's a last-minute hitch that requires high-level intervention, or preparations to sell iPhones in China have entered their final stages.

    "Senior officials from Apple Inc are to visit China this week, and they haven't arrived in Beijing yet," an unnamed "informed source" told the website Monday night.

    "Their visit aims to visit (sic) senior officials of China Unicom and discuss with them how iPhone should enter Chinese market," the source MORE

    - Aug 4, 2009 10:58 AM ET
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