More moon shots coming: Larry Page takes over as Google's CEO

April 4, 2011: 11:53 AM ET

Today's the day that co-founder and inventor of the PageRank algorithm takes back the reigns of Google, replacing Eric Schmidt who reigned over a successful decade of expansion.

In a surprise announcement at January's earnings call, Google (GOOG) announced that CEO Eric Schmidt would be stepping down and Larry Page would be replacing him.

Today's the day.

Although, Eric Schmidt's role as "Adult Supervisor" has been joked about, the stability he brought to the company did hold some intrinsic value.  Not only is he leaving as the most popular Tech CEO with his employees, he was a grounding force for Google's more outlandish founders.

In comments to NPR, Inside the Plex author Stephen Levy says that things at Google are going to get wilder.

"I think Larry will do things differently," Levy says. "But in a way, Larry's values have always been the core values of Google. Even while Eric was CEO, it was Larry whose obsession with speed and scale and ambition and artificial intelligence — those were the things that Google engineers held up as ideals there. Eric's job was to sit back with a rudder and steer that ambition and those huge goals and sometimes audacious projects that Larry would set Google on. So it will be interesting to see what happens when Eric's hand doesn't really reach over to Larry's shoulder and say, 'Maybe, Larry, not now,' which has happened a lot over the years."

Page has been seen as the "geek visionary" of Google since its inception, coming up with many of the company's most creative ideas. Levy says that trend will continue, along with even bigger, bolder projects.

"We'll expect more of what they call 'moon shots' from Google. These are things that most outsiders would say is beyond what Google should be doing,"

Colin W. Gillis at BCG Partners thinks this may hurt Google's share price.   More

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