Launch videos: 'Middle of the night give me a silly line to buy iPhone 4'

July 30, 2010: 12:38 PM ET

You don't need a translator to follow Friday's 17-country launch of the iPhone 4

Hong Kong gets the iPhone 4: NOWTV via YouTube

One of best things about the movie Babies -- a documentary look at the first year of life in four very different countries -- is that you know what the parents are saying to their children even if you don't understand a word.

It's the same these days with the overseas launches of new Apple (AAPL) products. See enough of them, and you know exactly what's going on no matter what language is being spoken.

Take, for example, the YouTube videos gathered Friday by Los Angeles reader Howard Kaplan, starting in Austria and ending with the one Google translated from the Chinese as "West middle of the night give me a silly line of $ 5,000 to buy congenital disability iPhone 4."


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