Brian Solis

Today in Tech: What's Google doing with $120 million?

February 13, 2012: 4:00 AM ET

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* How the music industry adapted to social media. (Brian Solis)

* Private social network Path came under fire in recent weeks after reports hit that the startup was storing users' address book information on their servers. Since then, the company has apologized and reversed its actions, however New York Times columnist argues Path's data-mining issue represents a larger problem, where Silicon Valley upstarts tinker with user data and privacy first, then "apologize" for doing so later. (The New York Times)

* Google (GOOG) has $120 million worth of construction projects in the works, including a lab for its recently-reported "@home" music-streaming service, a 120,000 square foot "Google Experience Center" for clients and partners, and perhaps most interestingly, a lab for "Project X," which may somehow involve the use of precision optical technology. (San Jose Mercury News)

* Google reaffirms that Google Wallet is safer than traditional credit cards after a team of developers discovered a security loophole. (The Next Web)

* Business Insider's Henry Blodget argues Twitter needs a full-time product guru rather current product head, Jack Dorsey, who splits his days between the social network and growing mobile payments startup Square. (Business Insider)

* Saturday Night Live successfully spoofed Verizon's 4G confusing marketing campaigns. (The Verge)

* Spotify updated its mobile app to allow for higher quality song playback. (The Next Web)

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