Brian Drummond

10 reasons to hate Google

August 5, 2011: 7:07 AM ET

How can this company, asks Brian S Hall, complain about anti-competitive behavior?

The open letter by Google's (GOOG) chief legal counsel attacking Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) and calling for government intervention (see here) has unleashed a flood of outraged responses, but none quite so full throated as the one posted by Brian S Hall on his Smartphone Wars blog.

The nut paragraph:

"If you have a monopoly business and generate monopoly profits and take those monopoly profits to another industry and *gave away* what your competitors (must) charge for, which led you to quickly capture the *dominant* market share, would you…

…whine like a bitch?"

If you don't get the "whine like a bitch" reference, read Brian Drummond's letter on Google's official blog.

If you have trouble seeing Google as a monopoly -- and if you only knew Google from its lightning-fast search engine or its marvelous maps, you might -- Hall is happy to enumerate. He lists 10 instances of Google ("a company that innovates at nothing," he says) using its dominant position in one business to enter new markets and destroy existing businesses -- a textbook definition of illegal monopolistic behavior.

Below: Hall's 10 examples, verbatim.


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