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Downgrade Apple from 'neutral' to 'unfavorable'? Seriously?

August 21, 2011: 7:48 AM ET

If anyone has access to Channel Trend's latest report on Apple, I would love to see it (Update: Got it!)

Source: Channel Trend

On Saturday night, this headline flashed across one of the news feeds I use to follow the analysts who track Apple (AAPL):

"On August 20, 2011 Channel Trend Inc. downgraded APPLE INC.from NEUTRAL to UNFAVORABLE."

My first thought was "seriously?" My second was "tell me more."

I've seen some boneheaded advice issued by Wall Street analysts, but this downgrade -- published at this time, on this stock -- strikes me as the dumbest thing I've read in some time.

But maybe I'm wrong.

So I would like to know more about Channel Trend and the calculations that went behind this rating change. I've requested more information, both from the Palm Beach Gardens, FL, address listed on the firm's website and the Dallas, TX, address listed at Investorside Research.

Meanwhile, I have learned this much:


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