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The 5 worst cell phone designs of all time

July 21, 2010: 10:07 AM ET

Though critics made a bloodsport out of bashing the iPhone 4, these fatally-flawed offenders serve as reminders that good design is hard to come by.

Four short weeks since it crashed Apple and AT&T's servers, the iPhone 4 has broken records, surpassed analyst expectations and invoked the kind of ire and controversy usually reserved for political elections. Just as quickly, Apple's once-sterling reputation for cutting-edge design became a potential liability.

But as critics and users fussed over "antennagate," beating their chests over fickle steel-band antennae, many of us were quick to forget that where cell phone flaws are concerned, there are, quite frankly, worse things out there. Way worse, in fact. Over the years, manufacturers have released phones so irrefutably flawed, so haphazardly designed, that Apple's latest smart phone entry appears downright ideal.

Here are five of the most egregious offenders.


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