Google celebrates 'Bing day' (updated)

June 10, 2010: 10:46 AM ET

For today only (update: they've killed it early!), Google is implanting a default background on its search page to make users aware this new 'feature'.

Google, I get it.  You want people to know that you can do a background image on your search page just as well as Microsoft's (MSFT) Bing.  Got it.

Now how do I turn it off?

The 'remove background link' in the lower left hand corner just changes the page to a different background.  And that is in Chrome (your browser) on Mac (your favorite platform - for now). I tried using the white background image but your logo is still white.  'Annooooyyying'.

I've decided to screenshot Bing and make it my Google (GOOG) background until I can turn off this feature.  This is only slightly more annoying than having a background.


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