AT&T's Aria drops to 'free'

June 21, 2010: 10:51 AM ET

Forget that $129 retail price at AT&T. The Android 2.1-powered Aria can now be had for free with a two year plan.

Usually, it takes a few weeks, or even a few months for smartphones to drop to free.  AT&T (T), however is allowing one of its mobile partners, Wirefly, to offer the very capable HTC Aria for free with a new service plan.  Smartphone service plans typically subsidize $350-$400 of the cost of the phone, so prospective customers should consider that the current low price of the Aria.

Dell is also offering the Aria for free, though the graphics in both group's ads suggest that Wirefly and Dell are sharing the same back-end provider.

Amazon, usually pretty quick to match wireless sales deals, is currently offering the Aria for $50 with a new service plan.

AT&T still charges $130 and started selling the devices over the weekend.

I reviewed the Aria here and found it to be a very quick and capable little Android device. Your mileage may vary with its provider, AT&T, however.


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  • AT&T's first legit Android now on sale

    AT&T stores start to get stock of the HTC Aria, the company's first real Android phone.

    The HTC Aria, which I reviewed here and continue to use and enjoy, is now available at some AT&T stores, according to some reports. I made a call to my local AT&T (T) store here in New York and they are expecting shipments "any minute now."

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  • AT&T's first little Android: HTC Aria

    After a day with the Aria, I'm finding that it is a very capable, elegant smartphone.

    AT&T is definitely walking the walk.  With the $129 w/plan HTC Aria, they are saying, "See! We carry real, up-to-date Android phones too!"  While that may be technically true, unfortunately, fate isn't going to be kind to this little guy.

    (update: I know about the Android 1.5 Backflip, that doesn't count)

    The Aria works well enough.  It MORE

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  • AT&T and Android planning a WWDC spoiler?

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    The date of release?  Next week on June 7th.

    That date MORE

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